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Pioneering tap restoration and saving water

Regards International has developed unique savoir-faire across every aspect of the plumbing profession.



NOur innovative technical products enable us to meet, through adapted ranges, the needs of different customers whether in mass retail or more specialised channels.

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Whatever the size, shape and style of your point of sale, our adaptable ranges are easy to integrate.


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Our headquarters at Lozanne in the Rhône-Alpes region are at the crossroads of several major European routes.

796 rue Louis Arnal - Zac des Prés Secs - 69380 Lozanne - FRANCE


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Innovation and adaptation are the driving forces behind Regards International


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Although purely functional in the past,
showerheads have become more and
more elaborate over time.
Today, we find them in all kinds of housing,
in many different forms.

Regards International has developed
a wide range of specific showers and
showerheads to cater all your daily water requirements.
Whether for the kitchen, bathroom or toilet,
our products are adapted to different uses
and come with numerous customisable options.

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Saving water is central to sustainable development.
We are proud to provide simple, inexpensive
solutions to actively support this objective.

Regards International has been selling products
that reduce water consumption in France for more
than 10 years, making our company a key pioneer
in this field.

We aim to develop efficient products that limit flow rate,
without compromising user comfort. At each stage of
the water supply, we provide solutions that reduce
consumption and are easy to install for
guaranteed results.

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To join your plumbing elements and taps,
Regards International has created a selection of
high-quality connecting products. Whether visible or
built-in, these products are invaluable to installers
who require reliable, standardised choices.

In addition to providing classic connecting products,
we strive to find solutions adapted to the ever-evolving
needs of plumbing installers. To support our customers
and industry professionals, we regularly develop new,
more efficient solutions.

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Regards International has been one of the
main tap providers in the French market for many years.
In-depth knowledge of installations and materials
has enabled us to develop innovative
tap restoration solutions.

Whether you want to refurbish an existing
faulty installation or boost the lifespan of worn-out parts,
Regards International products have been developed
to be as universal as possible. We strive to meet diverse
requirements with a limited number of product references.

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This dedicated range from Regards International
includes everything you need to evacuate water
and look after your waste installations.

Featuring classic filtration systems, eco-friendly
drain openers and standardised waste products,
the range guarantees effective water evacuation
for all kinds of products.

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Most taps and installations are standardised.
However, in certain circumstances, specific user
requirements need to be met.

To be compatible with existing installations,
solve accessibility problems and meet the needs
of the general public rather than an individual,
Regards International’s develops bespoke solutions
for your tap installations.

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Vital for all plumbing installations,
hoses need to be replaced regularly
as they are subject to extreme conditions.

Regards International provides a wide range
of hoses to meet the needs of both
installers and users.

Whether made from plastic or metal,
our hoses resist high.

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Dedicated to the customer satisfaction, we consistently receive high service scores across all fields.

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Whatever the size, shape and style of your point of sale, our adaptable ranges are easy to integrate

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Advisors are available to explain how our products work and find the most adapted solution.

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Regards International Sales teams are located all across France, as well as in several neighbouring countries.



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